Should the United States Pull Troops Out of Afghanistan Sooner Than Planned?

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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Should the United States pull troops out of Afghanistan sooner than planned? Currently, approximately $2 billion a week are being spent deploying troops to Afghanistan. Over $1 Trillion has been spent on the war thus far. Over 6,000 lives have been lost, and over 12,000 wounded. Seeing these statistics, it is clear why the Obama administration chose the decision to pull out troops so quickly. However it is not the best decision. Although the Obama administration has begun removing troops from Afghanistan, before doing so, senior military leaders had advised strongly against it. The president is pulling out larger numbers of troops than these senior military commanders advised him. The commanders told the president that security advances were fragile and could easily be turned against them. President Obama may have made the decision under pressure because he promised to do just this in his presidential campaign, to remove the troops from Afghanistan. Seeing as how the President is anxious to be re-elected, he is striving hard to fulfill all his promises made in his original campaign. This is not the best decision because of the fact that we have fought for over ten years, and if we pull out now, that may all go to waste. The United States should not pull out in respect for those who have died, and those wounded. To disgrace and dishonor them by having their sacrifice put toward nothing is sorrowful and disrespectful. The United States should remain in Afghanistan until they have secured a military in the country strong enough to defend themselves and keep Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups stable. Currently, this is not the case because military leaders have stated that, “the Afghan national police had been a huge disappointment.” However, pulling out the troops so quickly would save billions of dollars, save many lives, and would allow us to turn our attention to other world threats such as Iran and North Korea. Regardless of these reasons, we are facing a...
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