Should the Uk's Constitution Remain Uncodified?

Topics: United Kingdom, Law, Separation of powers Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Should the UK’s constitution remain uncodfied?

The UK constitution has an uncodified constitution, which means that it cannot be found in any single document unlike the USA’s constitution. Our constitution comes from a number of various sources. Some are written and the others have just been accepted by the Government, such as EU Law, as it derives from the European Union. More examples of sources include the statute law, books written by Bagehot’s “The British Constitution”, which outlined the role of the cabinet, parliament and monarch. The constitution we have gives way for many benefits and advantages that imply that it shouldn’t be altered or fully codified as this could result in major problems. Although there would be some benefits of the constitution remaining uncodified, some government ministers such as Gordon Brown who was Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister had called for the topic to be debated in Parliament back in 2006. The Liberal Democrats have also expressed their views on the topic also. To some extent there are many arguments for the British Constitution to become codified, if it was introduced it would significantly affect the power of government; the relationship between the executive and Parliament; multi-level governance; relationship between judges and politicians and individual rights and freedoms. One argument for a codified constitution is that it would make rules much clearer. Key constitutional rules would be collected together in one single document and they would be more clearly defined, unlike an uncodified constitution, where the rules are spread across several different documents. A codified constitution would create less confusion about the meaning of constitutional rules, which means that they could be enforced quicker with a great certainty. Another reason why there should be a codified constitution in the UK is limited government. Having a codified constitution would cut down the size of the current government...
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