Should the Thirty Years War Be Concidered a War

Topics: Thirty Years' War, Holy Roman Empire, House of Habsburg Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Lesson 4

Should the Thirty years War be considered a religious war?  Why or why not? Trace the war in detail from 1618–1648 covering all the major events. More deaths have occurred over the years from Religious wars then from any other event. Whether it may be from gang violence to diseases, the death toll for Religious wars tops it all. The Thirty years War, which was from 1618 til 1648 (oddly enough 30 years) throughout the history of Europe, this has still been the most destructive conflict. The war was primarily fought in current Germany, however, it would spill into other countries periodically. There was no single act that caused the violence. The war was basically and primarily a result of the religious conflict that was fought between the Protestants and Catholics in the Roman Empire. Over time it had just developed into a all out conflict that had involved most of the European powers. The war actually became a continuation of the Bourbon-Habsburg rivalry, which led to warfare between France and Habsburg power, and lost the religious roots. I believe that originally it had the basis of Religion, however it phased out from Religious to a general war. According to Wikipedia “The larger impact of the Thirty Years' War was the focused destruction of entire regions, denuded by the foraging armies. Episodes of famine and disease significantly decreased the populace of the German states, Bohemia, the Low Countries and Italy, while bankrupting most of the combatant powers. While the regiments within each army were not strictly mercenary in that they were not guns for hire that changed sides from battle to battle, the individual soldiers that made up the regiments for the most part probably were. The problem of discipline was made more difficult still by the ad hoc nature of 17th-century military financing. Armies were expected to be largely self-funding from loot taken or tribute extorted from the settlements where they operated. This encouraged a form of...
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