Should the Teacher Be Tolerant

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To succeed in this complex and diverse world and to be respected from the pupils the teacher needs to develop the fifth core strength — tolerance. Tolerance is the capacity to accept differences in others. Tolerance emerges when a pupil has the security arising from the healthy development of the four previous strengths (attachment, self-regulation, affiliation, and awareness). When the teacher is tolerant the pupil feels safe, special, and secure ( Klepcova 19) The aim of this paper is to show the teacher’s role in pupils lives, their tolerant attitude towards them in Armenian schools focusing on the revelation of the cruel attitude towards pupils. It will be shown that the teachers mix discipline with tolerance and will be brought some important points that are typical for effective and tolerant teacher. The aim outlines the following objectives:

to define the teacher’s tolerance
to show that the discipline and tolerance should not be mixed •to show what peculiarities the effective and tolerant teacher has The paper consists of introduction , body, conclusion , references . In the introduction the aim of the research paper and the objectives that outline from the aim, the structure of the course paper, topicality of the theme is shown . In the body it is mentioned about the teacher’s role in the teaching process , the teacher’s tolerance , the peculiarities the effective and tolerant teacher. It is mentioned that the teacher does not have the right to beat or shout at the pupil. In the conclusion the result of the analysis and concluding points are shown. In the reference the used literature and the web sites are mentioned. This theme has been chosen because it is topical and important today to discuss whether the teachers are tolerant or not. In the past the teacher could beat the pupils, shout at them , but now the system has changed and the teacher’s rights are very limited.

There is a saying, "GIVE ME A FISH AND I EAT FOR A DAY, TEACH ME TO FISH AND I EAT FOR A LIFE TIME". This must be a philosophy of a good teacher... She/he should be patient, and kind, flexible and resourceful, tolerant and open minded with a good sense of humour. Enthusiastic and enjoys teaching should be honest, imaginative and creative. Efficient. self-disciplined. Helpful. Humble and modest( Klepcova 18-22) According to Salmon P. a teacher always gets from a class what he/she expects. Good teachers should know characters of students. Except for teaching and explaining the content of the course, a good teacher should develop students’ analytical abilities, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, as well as general attitudes and habits of mind which can be used regardless of topic area or problem faced and even in their future carrier (46). I agree with Salmon P. and I also think that the teacher should not only give lessons but train students how to hold discussions , express their ideas. They will know that at least in some matters their decisions will be honored. And I think that while doing the discussions the teacher should present tolerant attitude towards the pupils and listen to all of them tolerantly. Tolerance should be a core value of all schools, college and universities not just for teachers to promote. Tolerant teachers should have high expectations for their entire class. Whether a student constantly makes hundreds on tests or a fifty, each student should be given positive reinforcement in class. Effective and tolerant teachers should exhibit positive expectations to ensure each student believes they can excel. Transmitting positive reinforcement by telling each student they have high abilities and are a capable learner will allow students to excel to their highest abilities. In addition, setting positive expectations in the classroom will help students who do not have proper motivation and support at home.( Amirjanyan 25). I know that there are a lot of teachers who shout at the pupils when...
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