Should the Rich Pay More Taxes Than Poor People?

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Question: Should rich people pay more taxes than poor people?

Taxes are money that people and business must pay in order to support the government. The government uses the money for building roads, helping schools, and maintaining other public services. For example, parks, buildings, and more public utilities. People dread paying these taxes every year because large amounts of money get taken away. To make it fair, everybody should pay equal amounts regardless of their income.

Both rich and poor should receive fairness within the tax system. “Rich and “poor” are indicators of one’s wealth; they remain insignificant because they only serve to divide people into different income brackets. Without the division, people stand the same- citizens. There is no difference between the two groups and they should receive equal treatments.

Taxes are a very complex system. For the people, (citizens), it is hard to keep track of their own expense or income. The Internal Revenue Service checks every citizen’s payments and it is difficult to regulate the system. With equal amounts it is not hard to keep track of and the solution will bring simplicity.

The benefits of the solution will bring fairness because rich and poor are all citizens and stand the same. It will also bring simplicity because equal amounts make it much easier for the people, the government, and the IRS. Now, everyone pays different amounts which sometimes people find it unfair and harsh. Paying equal amounts of money will benefit everyone regardless of their income.
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