Should the Rest of the World Adopt Chinas One Child Policy?

Topics: Abortion, Fertility, One-child policy Pages: 4 (1435 words) Published: December 7, 2011
One Child Policy: Taking Control to a New Level

China began its one child policy in 1979 by the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. The policy’s purpose was to monitor and limit the booming population’s growth. This policy began as a “temporary measure,” that once stabilization took place, the policy would ease up on its strictness and its tight grip on the people. And yet still today parts of China continue this policy. This policy allows only one child per couple. Law enforcers made sure that women who attempted a second pregnancy were fined, punished, and pressured to abort and then sterilize. The lesser population could very well mean that there are more resources left for those alive, but less workers to produce these products in the long run. Although the standard of living would increase because of a lesser population, the restrictions are strict, inhumane, cruel, unnecessary, unlawful, and other nations should not adopt this technique.

Recently even the Chinese have begun criticizing the single children who are spoiled rotten, rude, and have had everything done for them. Han Yi, a Chinese journalist came up with the term “Little Emperors” to describe their character and personalities. This term originated in imperial China, when an Emperor died his heir would take the thrown even if he still was a child. A “Little Emperor” was given the same treatment as an adult emperor and all the luxuries that came with the position. Not only did this policy leave behind awful, ignorant, insolent children, it managed to leave behind a greater amount of males. Beginning with the Confucius era, the desire for a son to take care of the family still exists in China, unlike most countries. Because of this policy there is a large imbalance of the genders. Many impregnated women performed selective abortions, where they only removed the baby if it was female. In the 1990s Chinese orphanages were filled with abandoned baby girls under this cruel, monstrous, policy. In 1995 BBC...
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