Should the NOFD and NOEMS Be Integrated?

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Should The NOFD and the NOEMS be Integrated
The New Orleans Fire Department and the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services are two Departments of the three departments under the city homeland security. Many spectacles suggesting that the Fire department and Emergency Medical Services should be join to make a better fire and Ems service. In 1907 Charity hospital was one of the first ambulance service in the country however, In 1940 the New Orleans Fire Department also had an ambulance section later in 1963 the Emergency Medical Services move from the fire dept to the new Orleans police department then it move to the health dept in 1987 then move back to the NOPD Special Operations Division. Right after Katrina New Orleans Emergency Medical Services move out of NOPD’S hands in to its own divisions under New Orleans Homeland Security just like the NOFD and the NOPD. This made Emergency Medical Services the best since 1907 when beginning with responds times avenging out to 8 to 13 mines now the city wants the fire dept to take over the city Emergency Medical Services because of budgeting issues will this make the city Emergency Medical Services better or worse

Conditing the NOFD and New Orleans Emergency Medical Services do merge different services should be coordinate with the fire dept. For instance, the NOFD should still make all the same runs that it makes daily however every time there is a public assistances and Emergency Medical Services is more than 10 min a way then the fire dept rescues. In addition, New Orleans fire dept should have more than 2 rescues squads. That why the fire dept should implement a full rescues squads in each district, and in some cases 2 rescues squads in a district because of large population or a large size of district were the rescues squads takes too to resound at an adequate time. These new rescues squads will not only resound to structure fires but all accidents with injury, all public assistances calls were either the Emergency Medical Services needs a hand or where there is some kind of Emergency Medical Services delay. Note down that if there is a rescues squad being used in a called then a nether squad should obtain its place even if it is in another district. Furthermore, all personal on rescues must contain EMT basic, one advance EMT- intermediate and use the Advanced Life Support (ALS) and other things like dealing with LSU fire certification like rope rescues through. Furthermore, The numbers of incidence within the NOFD and Emergency Medical Services are very high, Emergency Medical Services had 50,000 calls in 2011 and the fire dept had more therefore the NOFD needs to contain 5 people on each truck to have improve man power on a call. If one man is out in school or absent from work and there is only three on a truck to a working structure fire involving a rescue, the two people on the attack and an operator is working the pump then who is to hook up the hydrant. Therefore we need more people on the trucks.

Stipulating the NOFD and New Orleans Emergency Medical Services do merge different involve should be development with the NOFD. For instance, All EMT’s and Paramedic should be in fire freighters school rookie school all EMT’s should have paramedics on each ambulance. There racking will be just like the fire departments ranking. NOFD assistant Emergency Medical Services superintendent which will be the Medical doctor and the Medical Director for New Orleans Fire and Emergency Medical Services next will be the Chief of Emergency Medical Services which will be the command and Human resources of New Orleans Fire Emergency Medical Services, all the Deputy Chief will be over the Operations branch, the Communications branch, Planning branch, Logistics branch, Special Operations branch & Finance branch, Education- Public Information Coordinator just for Emergency Medical Services section of New Orleans Fire Emergency Medical Services , Community Outreach...
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