Should the Legal Driving Age Be Changed

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Driver's license Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Should the legal driving age be lowered to 16?
* Intro: Details-driving can be complicated -needs concentration -can be tiring Thesis statement: Driving is legal for those 18 and over, but what if it was legal for those 16 and over? There are several advantages and disadvantages to this.

* 1st body Para: P- adv= children 16 and over will be able to drive to places and make their parents lives easier. E-e.g. = parents won’t have to worry anymore about taking child to school E-explanation= instead of waking up early to drive their children to school, they can relax and let their children drive themselves to school. They would know that it’s safer than letting their children walk to school.

* 2nd body Para:
P-dis=16 yr olds are not mature enough
E-might drive the car really fast
E-if they drive the car really fast they might get caught by the police. They might have an accident and get badly injured.

* 3rd body Para:
P-dis=they might become too independent
E-they might not listen to their parents and go off in their car how the 16 yr old girl Lucy smith in America did. E-Lucy Smith went off in her parents car and didn’t return home for a week.

* Conclusion: -makes parents lives easier, might not be mature enough to drive, may become...
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