Should the Legal Drinking Age Be 18

Topics: Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, National Minimum Drinking Age Act Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Should the Legal Drinking Age be lowered from Twenty-one to Eighteen? Throughout the United States, Many different thoughts and explanations have been recorded to determine the legal drinking age. Florida as well as most of the United States has set the law to age twenty-one. This age determination has been causing controversial issues evident throughout the country for decades.           As history is told, in the early seventies, twenty- nine states chose to lower the drinking age to eighteen. In response to a national mood against drunk driving, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 became relevant and required all states to raise their minimum purchase and public possession of alcohol age to 21. States that did not comply experienced a reduction in highway funds under the Federal Highway Aid Act. This law did not prohibit minors from drinking but did in fact prohibit the purchase and public possession of alcohol. Even though the consumption of alcohol under twenty-one is illegal across America, many special circumstances exists in forty-two if the fifty states. This loop-hole allows drinking to be legal in twenty-nine states with parental consent, thirty states for religious occasions, and thirteen states for educational benefits (Toomey 213). Many legal organizations believe eighteen should be the legal drinking age. A recent bill was introduced this past March of 2009 in hopes to lower the drinking age. The bill proposed a change in the law to allow the age of eighteen and up for on-site liquor locations and sixteen to drink when parents provide and comply with yet still will not allow the purchase of alcohol from a liquor store under the age of twenty-one. The request for a committee hearing was denied (Brickmayer 15). A valid point, turning eighteen gives a person the legal rights of an adult. These rights include working without limitations, renting and buying property, signing legal contracts, opening bank accounts, purchasing and forgoing the...
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