Should the Government Step in When It Comes Down to School Lunches

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Talor Jones
English 1000
April 9, 2012
Should the Government Step In When It Comes Down To School Lunches
Congratulations! You are a citizen of one of the fattest country. How do think people would react to hearing that. They would not be so happy, thus is why the government feels that it is right for them to step in and control what children from Kindergarten to Eighth grade. They feel that if they encourage healthy eating at young age, then children will stick with it and live healthier lives. The government also wants to step in because some parents allow their child have whatever food they would like or they do not get the healthy eating habit at home. A last point the government makes is that eating unhealthy food is the main reason that your children are overweight now. Do not forget there are two sides to every argument and the Government is not seeing the bigger picture in this situation. The government does not mention that over weight children is not the only caused by the children’s unhealthy eating. Over weight can come from many different reasons three main ones being could be the geographic variation with children. Another reason could be in a child’s genes and they can from a long line of overweight family members. The last reason could be a psychological reason that could deal with the child’s emotions. Having that being said the government should not try to step in and control the school lunches, because it has become a nationwide epidemic that goes outside one meal a child may or may not eat at lunch.

First point is that not everyone can afford to live in a nice neighborhood or go to a school with nice and healthy school lunches. In a research entitled “School Foodservice Cost: Location Matters” prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture, they state that the schools that receive the most money to pay for the food they serve at school cafeterias, are the ones who can afford the more healthier food. Verses the lower income...
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