Should the Government Attempt to Reduce Current Levels of Alcohol Consumption? If so, What Is the Most Effective Means?

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  • Published: March 23, 2013
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Should the government attempt to reduce current levels of alcohol consumption? If so, what is the most effective means?

Alcohol today is very much seen as social pastime and leisure activity. In most pubs across the country we are welcomed with your stereotypically pub game which is very much centred around alcohol. Spin the bottle, dare drinking game are still very popular today. Unfortunately over the recent year the idea of alcohol being a leisure and social activity has been blown out of proportion. The number of people involved in car accidents, fatal accidents and addictions has sky rocketed and this is all due to growing alcohol consumption. Over the years, society has seen the rise in alcohol consumption particularly focusing within the United Kingdom and Scotland has been on the rise in the most recent years. The younger generation between the ages of 16- 24 according to the [British Beer and Pub Association Statistical Handbook] have higher rates of alcohol consumption when compared to the older generations. This could be due to the epidemic of binge drinking. The second problem is that many of the youngsters in today’s society pre-load (binge drink) before their night-time festivities. It has cost the NHS millions and Britain as a whole about 20 billion yearly, based on government reports source [] As a results of this the nation has seen dramatic changes in heath illness that are directly related to alcohol. Liver cancer, Chronic liver diseases, and Kidney failure to name a few are also on the rise and are found to be more prominent in both males and females range between 25 – 40. The Government have recently been looking at different ways to combat this epidemic, by analysing some of the strategies used in different countries. When the United Kingdom is compared with Scotland it has has a lower rate of alcohol related problems but both governments are concerned with the issue and how much money is being wasted on the matter. In Scotland the chances are that 1 citizen will died from an alcohol related complication every six hours! That’s shockingly three times as many in the United Kingdom. Many will argue that the problem lies at the cost of alcohol. Alcohol production can be bought cheaply. According to The Scottish Government sales in alcohol consumption has been on the increase since 1994. By 2010 it increased by 11%. The downfall of this rise meant that £3.6 million is spent on the reckless behaviour of alcohol abuse. The issue then occurs when 50% of prisoners in Scotland admit to being under the influence of alcohol. Both governments have tried to introduce various tactics to help eliminate the of the most effective occurred in June 201. The minimum pricing for alcohol was increased from 45p per unit to 50p per unit, this act was passed by the Scottish Parliament on the 24th of May 20212 and received on the 29th of June. The Scottish Government hoped that by passing this act, they would see the price for alcohol rocket across all boards in clubs and bars to local supermarkets. The government believed that increasing the price per unit would also have a secondary effect on helping reduce the crime rates, reducing the amount of teenage binge drinkers and lowering the costs that are being spent by hospitals on alcohol abuse cases. Ironically the act was heavily supported by a number of charities in Scotland. However overseas the British Government where trying to deal with the rise in drink driving, higher levels of alcohol related illness and fatalities. Prior to this the British government released a document in 2004 detailing how they plan to tackle the alcohol abuse epidemic in the UK. This document outlined everything from the harms of alcohol, how they plan to deal with crimes rates, if there is possible treatment, if the government will offer help to those suffering from alcohol addiction and how they...
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