Should the Electoral College System Be Abolished.

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  • Published : August 3, 2008
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The election system for a president and a vice president in the United States of America depends on only 538 persons who are members of the Electoral College system. Technically, the Electoral College members , called Electors, have the right to choose the president and the vice president with their decisions. In spite of making their own decisions, the Electoral College members who are voted by people in their states use the results of popular votes in their states to make conclusions in choosing for the president and the vice president. Moreover, It is important to make sure that people who are going to choose the USA’s leaders have enough knowledge of the candidates’ dispositions and backgrounds that they can make good decisions. In contrast, the result of an election sometimes does not reflect the vote of the vast majority of the people in the nation. From my point of view, the Electoral College should be abolished and the result form the citizens popular vote should be used to elect a president and a vice president of the people. For all the times that the USA has used the Electoral College, it has been proved that this system is good enough to use. Moreover, According to an article about the election system in the USA, “The Electoral College forces candidates to reach out beyond the large population centers and campaign in places that would be ignored in a direct election system“ ("Has the Electoral,"). In this article, the electoral college system allows candidates to do their campaigning in every state because every state also has its own electoral college members. Essentially, this system makes equally the balance between the power of big states and the power of small states. Moreover, the candidates can easily do campaigning and present their ideas in leading the country to the member of the Electoral College. In fact, it is somewhat like having a personal conversation together. Due to this advantage, the Electors can learn about the candidates and use...
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