Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to Eighteen?

Topics: Drinking culture, United States, Juvenile law Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Drinking Age Persuasive Essay
The legal drinking age in the state of South Carolina is 21. In my opinion, the legal drinking age should be 18. Many young adults are arrested for underage drinking that around that age, so it would keep a lot of harmless people out of jail. If they made the legal drinking age 18, it would be legal to buy and drink alcohol and not as many young adults would be in trouble.

When your 18, you are considered an adult. In the United States court, you can be sentenced as an adult at the age of 17. When your 18, you can serve your country and go to war. When your 18, you can legally vote for president and other government campaigns. Many young adults are in college, or starting to live life on their own around 18. Basically, at the age of 18, you can choose your own decisions in life. So why can’t you legally have a drink at 18? If you can vote for your country’s leader, die for your country, and take higher punishments, you should be allowed to legally consume alcohol.

I think the reason a lot of underage drinking takes places is because of the temptation drawn towards it. It looks “cool” because so many older people do it. It is publicized in our society as “the in thing” to go do. Many teenagers only drink at a young age, to feel like they fit in and they’re cool. The media sends the message that it’s a totally harmless and fun thing to do Groce2

so I feel that makes it appeal to young adults. If the state of South Carolina lowered the drinking age, then maybe the temptation that goes along with it would be lowered as well.
Regardless of the age you chose to drink, everyone pays for their own decisions. If you decide to get drunk, then you’ll pay for whatever consequences come with that. People who are 18 are generally mature enough to handle themselves; therefore I vote that the drinking age be lowered in our state.
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