Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Should the death penalty (capital punishment) be allowed?
There are many underlying issues with capital punishment and the moral backbone it clearly lacks. Capital punishment should not be legal for many reasons such as the irrelevance of retribution and irrevocable mistakes which leaves “criminals” wrongly accused. Retribution, in the form of capital punishment is the execution of the criminal in vengeance for the victim and their families. This ideology is flawed, out dated and irrelevant in today’s civilisation. Raymond A. Schroth, Jesus Priest and Community Professor of the Humanities at St. Peter’s College states that; "Retribution is just another word for revenge, and the desire for revenge is one of the lowest human emotions — perhaps sometimes understandable, but not really a rational response to a critical situation. To kill the person who has killed someone close to you is simply to continue the cycle of violence which ultimately destroys the avenger as well as the offender. That this execution somehow gives 'closure' to a tragedy is a myth. Expressing one’s violence simply reinforces the desire to express it. Just as expressing anger simply makes us more angry. It does not drain away. It contaminates the otherwise good will which any human being needs to progress in love and understanding." This gives excellent insight into the irrelevance of retribution and the out dated values it holds on humanity. Retribution will not avenge the victim that has suffered. It only repeats the cycle in which had been familiarized by the murderer. It is unethical to kill a man for killing another and very contradictory. The legal system should not use this inhumane act of punishment on criminals for they are repeating the cycle of murder that they are apparently very against.

Furthermore another valid motive against capital punishment is the irrevocable mistakes which leave innocent people executed for crimes they did not commit. Capital punishment is especially...
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