Should Texting and Driving Be Legal?

Topics: Text messaging, Tram accident, Accidents Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 6, 2013
If you were involved in a car accident where the other driver was texting while driving, would you blame the other driver for causing the accident? Twenty-eight percent of traffic accidents occur when people talk on cellphones or send text messages while driving, according to a study released by the National Safety Council.1 Texting and driving should be illegal because it distracts the driver and puts people's lives at risk. The police should be able to pull over a driver if they see them texting and driving to prevent accidents.

When a person is texting they have to take all of their attention off the road. When they do this they are clearly distracted and are not looking at where they are going. While texting and driving this person is not only putting their own life at risk, they are also putting the lives of the people around them at risk. A pedestrian could step into the road and the driver might be too distracted to react in time.

Some people would argue that texting and driving shouldn't be illegal because it is "common sense" to not text and drive. I would conclude from the statistics cited above that this is not the case. Many Americans do not think that it is dangerous to text while driving. Many people who know of the dangers of texting and driving still do it.

If texting and driving were illegal police officers would be able to pull over drivers who are putting other people at risk of injury and prevent possible car accidents before they happen. The possibility of getting a ticket for texting and driving will discourage drivers from texting and driving.

I hope this paper has helped you better understand why texting and driving should be illegal. It is a distraction and endangers the lives of the driver and the people around him.
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