Should Teenagers Have Pays Jobs While They Are Students?

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Should teenagers have pays jobs while they are students?

Allowing the experience of working in ones life at an early age is successful to provide independence and maturity. Thanks to my personality and exposing myself out there, I learned about more important things than just having my own money.

Ever since I was little I have wishing and hoping to have to be dependently independent. I always have demands for things earlier than usual, I think this is because I have an older brother who I admire, so I always have want to do the same things he does, even though he is a boy and I’m a girl, I always had follow his steps. Since I was 15 I start to work in a day camp, taking care of children of 8 and 9 years old, this experience have been very helpful in my life, not only because I get paid, but also because I learned to be responsible and new things.

While you are a student, you have to be focus in what you’re doing and have time to study every day. There are times when a teenager can do several things and still have time to study, get good grades, rest, and being able of having all of his responsibilities at the time. But, also there are students who can’t handle working, plus school. They are people who had born smart, people who are smart because he or she studies, and people who don’t do anything. Therefore the people who want to do several things at the time, he or she can do it.

Students of the university should work to help their families paying their bills. When you are in the university, you are 18 years old or more. At 18 years you can be responsible and have a job, this way you can be independent and have your own things. The university is something expensive that not any family can pay. Therefore, at that age you are able to study and have others responsibilities.

In my opinion, been a student is not easy, and you have the responsibility of getting good grades whether you are in school or in the university. Therefore, if you are capable...
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