Should Teenagers Be Treated as Adults Using Quotes from Supreme Court to Rule on Executing Young Killers by Adam Liptak Kids Are Kids Until They Commit Crimes by Marjie Lundstrom Startling Finds in Teenage Brains by Paul Thompson

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The Internet it is good
Actually people hear many stories about the Internet revolutionized our lives in a good way. It changed the concept of communication. Now we can text and video chat instantly. Provide us way to search any information worldwide and helps us in getting up to date. Also the Internet has others healthy and good accessories for people and the three most important are: first “Time Saver”, because it helps you to communicate more faster and also get information, second “Allows people to experiment with our identity”, it is for more for shy people to defeat their fear and finally, “Allows disable people to try new things”, like feel fear just only see a picture from the Internet that they never would live. One of the many benefits that the Internet has is “Time Saver”, for example before the Internet was created a lot of people around the world had problems with communication, because when they send letters to their parents and friends, letters sometimes take months to get to where they were sent. However, today people don’t have to wait as long to send a letter, because now we have the Internet and emails. An email only takes a few minute, and your parents or friends are ready read it. This statement is supported by where it says “Short emails to friend and families, would take jus few minutes to send, and also to get a responds, easy and is true because when we send an email now it just take a minute to send and also to get a responds and that’s one of the best benefit that we have now. Another example is long distance calls that are supported where it says “Using the internet to place your long distance calls has become the most recent popular method of calling friends and family is a new form of communication. “ It is true that today with the Internet makes phone calls, and that helps you to save money and sometimes time. The final example is shopping online is faster and easier to buy merchandise that you need. This statement is supported by where it says “Shopping online allows people to shop from the comfort of home without battling the crowds and in some cases, bad weather.” Shopping online makes life easier, when it is raining one doesn’t need to go outside, they just log on and shop.

Another benefit the internet has is that “Allows shy people to experiment without identity.” For example, some shy people use the Internet to experiment how to communicate with others and to try new things, li learn how to defeat their intolerance this stamen is supported by where it says “People who use Internet are more tolerant than others who don’t, because the Internet provides online users on expanded view of the world and different viewpoints.” It is true because people when they started to use the Internet and they start to increased their intolerance, and would manifest in less violence, because with the programs of the internet they started to relax. Another example of how the Internet is useful to shy people is that they test themselves by test; this statement is supported by where it says, “The Internet has rich sours of free online personality and psychological assessment and test.” It is true because there a lot of pages where one can find information, and helps to defeat their shyness. That’s why is helpful for all kind of person to have this kind of benefit at home. The last example is the ability to communicate with others of different ages, for example says more about this lead in, where it says “Adolescents who are more often experiment with their identity on the internet are more often communicated with people of different ages and cultural background.” Now adolescents who were so shy are more independent because when they started using the Internet they overcome their shyness and they learn how to communicate with others by chat....
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