Should Teenage Girls Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without the Permission of Their Parents?

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Teenage girls should be allowed to get birth control without a parents’ permission, because for starters it reduces the number of teen pregnancies, teens have a safer home life, and shows teens are responsible. According to the article, “Some Basic Truths About Teen Sex”, Teens are less likely to use a condom properly, condom slippage and leakage is higher in younger users and only 38.9% will use a condom. This means if girls were on Birth Control, they would be having safer sex by reducing the chance of getting pregnant. Many teens are afraid of being disowned when parents find out that they are having sex. Most teens don’t want their parents knowing that they are having sex plus some parents will say no to having sex. Most teens are mature enough to take precaution towards having safer sex, they are smart enough to think ahead to get birth control. Though many teens are scared to go to a parent and prefer getting it on their own. The writer of ‘Birth- control access irks conservatives” points out that Family planning groups say that notifying parents would rip away traditional confidentiality of the program. Teens might be afraid to come in for help. Andrea Young, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of metropolitan Washington said “unfortunately, teens may or may not have parental permission to become sexually active- it’s a difficult thing to prevent- but we feel they should not be discouraged from doing what’s responsible.” Therefore Doctors respect confidentiality. In the article “Younger teens may get birth control pill; Doctors push for easy access” states that research shows that teens will use the pills if they have them, said Dr. Breuner. “The goal, of course, is to encourage sexually active youths to use regular birth- control methods.”  It’s a doctors responsibility to explain the helath risks and and a teenage girl should...