Should Teachers Have Limits on the Amount of Home That Can Be Assigned?

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Should teachers have limits on the amount of homework that can be assigned?

The biggest complaint among American teenagers is homework. So, should teachers have limits on the amount of homework that can be assigned? Some might say yes, while others might say no. So, lets see why homework should, or should not be reduced.

Having too much homework can have many downsides. As evidence, there are studies that children may show signs of depression due to a large amount of homework says Harvard graduate , Lori Hough. In some schools such as Gaithersburg Elementary in Gaithersburg, Maryland have set limits on the amount of homework teachers can give students over weekdays and weekends.

That leads to the main question, how much is too much? Well, answers may vary depending on the grade of the student. However, the amount of homework will increase as the student grows older. For instance, in grades K through 1 , ten to twenty minutes of homework per day is usual. From grades 2-3, twenty ,minutes of per day plus fifteen minutes of reading is expected. When kids reach grades 4-6 , twenty to forty minutes plus thirty minutes reading is normal. In grades 7-9, kids may spend up to two hours or more per day doing homework.

Yet, can this all be too much for such a young age? Many will agree, such the students themselves, however many will also disagree such as people from the board of education, teachers, and sometimes your parents. They might believe home is used for spacing time better or learning to use our resources properly. Although, to some home may be a challenge because some may not have special resources such as internet or or a mobile smart phone. Or some may be in after school activities such as basketball, baseball, football....etc

Yet, it is my belief that an important part of a child's school years may be learning through experience on behalf of their physical ability. Based on a child's physical ability will set them up for a career of their...
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