Should Teachers Be Allowed to Strike?

Topics: School, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: April 10, 2013

Can you imagine what it would be like if all the sanitation workers went on strike? Presently in Chicago public school teachers have joined together forming picket lines for the last several days. Amongst them stood parents even children. One can understand that teachers are fed up, however their current situation is causing a dominoes effect throughout Chicago for everyone.  87 percent of Chicago families are low income. No School means a possible financial strain for families. Parents find themselves paying for childcare when the children should be in school. For single parents with little resources it may causes then to lose money. Can they afford to when they're just making ends?  Poverty is the main reason inner city schools do poorly. In a community where parents are struggling with making ends meet daily, can one afford the consequences the teacher’s present position offers? Parents are at risk of losing their jobs due to lack of appropriate supervision for their children. Hours just aren’t flexible enough. Some have no choice but to leave children home alone in hopes to keep the money coming in. Furthermore the children are being highly affected as well.  Homicides are up 30 percent in Chicago since 2011.1,706 shootings have occurred in Chicago as of September 2012 for this year alone. Over the last several days children have occupied street corners and outside of convince stores during, what should be, instructional time."I don’t want to be out here doing nothing, “said a 14 year old boy."It's dangerous. "The Children’s safety isn’t’ the only factor being threatened, so are their education. The longer schools are close, the longer it will take the children to achieve academic goals needed, furthermore posing a potential threat to graduation timing."The moment the sentiment for the teachers are going to shift is if there ever is a time when a parent...coming to...
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