Should Students Be Alloud to Chew Gum in Class

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Countless schools all around the world restrict the use of gum. There are many benefits with the uses of gum in schools that teachers may not know. Gum chewing relieves stress and anxiety. Gum has also been proven to improve your alertness and focus. Studies have even been proven that gum sustains your hunger. The Catholic school teaches us to trust in one another, yet students are not trusted to be responsible during class and with disposal of it properly.

Last month in Tokyo, Japan, 40 people were exposed to stress by having them complete a multi-tasking platform. Once taken the test with and without gum, it was proven that there was a significant decrease in stress with people who did chew the gum. While taking large tests like mid-terms or finals, students may be seeing an improvement in test grades while chewing gum. Furthermore, another test of 40 people proved that while chewing gum during a multi-tasking platform, people who chewed the gum had 16 percent less stress during mild stress and 12 percent less stress during moderate stress.

Another crucial advantage of chewing gum is that it keeps you more alert. Scientists have proven that while chewing gum, the improvement in alertness was nearly 19 percent more compared to non-gum chewers. During school hours, staying alert and focused on what the teacher is saying could really help students improve their learning. It is also proven that students who chew gum take fewer breaks during school. Students will often draw on their books or tinker with utensils when they are bored in class. Gum solves this issue for teachers. Gum easily solves the teacher’s issues with students not paying attention.

A research study presented at the 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of Obesity Society found that chewing gum reduces hunger. Scientists performed a test with student’s chewing gum before lunch and found that teens who chewed gum picked healthier supplements to eat. Gum is important because it...
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