Should Students and Teachers Be Face Book Friends ?

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Should students and teachers be face book friends ?
Have you ever struggled with your homework and wished if you can somehow get in contact with your teacher to ask for help ? Especially if it was Saturday morning and your homework was due to Sunday morning , and have you ever found a lot of questions when you was studying your exam ? I am sure that all of us me and you fell in these situations in sometimes . But what about adding your teachers on your face book account ? Do you think that it will be better at this time ? actually I know all of your worries about this issue like privacy and sometimes we do some comments with our friends and we don’t want someone else to see them, but really after doing a lot of researchers about the best ways to communicate with your teachers out the classes because maybe you have other classes conflict with the office hours of your teacher so you need any way to communicate with them after the working time , so actually I am convinced that adding teachers as friends on students face book accounts has many advantages that exceed the disadvantages , so now I hope to convince you to add your teacher to your account , so now let me show you the benefits of that . 1-you reach to your teachers when you are in need : you can ask your teachers whenever you want by sending them a private message or even posting on their face book walls or chatting with them to understand certain topics instead of waiting until the next day , this can help you to save time and also do well in your home works and exams . 2- sick days don’t hold you back Just because you are absent does not mean that you cannot participate , you can connect on face book about assignments and quizzes by posting on teachers face book ,tag them , and...
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