Should Spanking Be Considered a Form of Disciplinary Punishment?

Topics: Corporal punishment in the home, Spanking, Corporal punishment Pages: 6 (2047 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Annotated Bibliography
Issue: Should Spanking Be Considered A Form Of Disciplinary Punishment? Book:
Kazdin, Alan E. and Corina Benjet. “Spanking Children: Evidence and Issues.” Yale University School Of Medicine. Child Study Center. 2003. Web. 27 Oct. 2011.
This site is an online article clip from a book published by The American Psychological Society. Within this article are the discussion of different views on spanking, key conclusions about its effects, and the methodological limitations of the research and resulting points as to why it’s under current debate. This is an extremely reliable source, due to the fact that it is a well-known society and was also written by students of one of the tops schools in the USA. Discussed in the article, “Hitting children is intertwined with religious beliefs, cultural views, government, law, and social policy and has enormous implications for mental and physical health throughout the world.” The article explains how spanking relates to the psychological issues. It gives an understanding to why it should be banned, stated within says, “A commonly adopted definition specifies spanking as hitting a child with an open hand on the buttocks or extremities with the intent to discipline without leaving a bruise or causing physical harm.” “Because many parents report using objects during punishment, behaviors that many professionals might consider as clearly abusive are fairly common and included in some definitions of spanking.” The article breaks the topics down into smaller sections, Spanking Defined, Three Views of Spanking, Overview of Research Findings, Key Issues for Research, and Closing Comments. In doing this, they explained each topic more thoroughly allowing easier reading as well as an easier understanding of their information. This information will be used in the research paper to help support the facts behind why spanking should be stopped. As well as being a scholarly journal entry, that should add to the support of the facts against spanking. Periodical:

Sear, Will and Martha Sears. “Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Children.” Web. 24 Oct. 2011
The authors of are parents of 8 children and also have a background of pediatric medicine. They have appeared on various television shows such as Oprah, CNN, and etc. They have also written over 40 pediatric books as well as articles in parenting magazines. In their article, Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Children, they give answers as to why they believe spanking children does not work. According to them hitting demonstrates that it is alright to hit people, especially big people to hit little, and stronger to hit the weak. They also state that hitting devalues a child as well as the parent. It makes the parent think they are powerless when a child lashes out against their spanking, and it sends a confusing message to the child. The way the child perceives themselves comes from how others perceive them, so when a parent spanks a child it sends confusion amongst them. The information received from this source may be used in my paper to support the bad effects caused by spanking children. Mcconnell 2

Mcconnell 2
Ramsburg, Dawn. “The Debate over Spanking.” Kid Source. 20 April 2000. Web. 27 Oct. 2011.
As stated in the second paragraph of this writing, “The purpose of this digest is to explore some of the reasons for spanking (using the general definition of any corporal punishment that does not cause an injury), to examine the effectiveness of spanking, and to suggest alternative discipline methods.” Right from the beginning is told what the article withholds. A certain expectance is gained from reading this thesis statement. The website the article is one is a commonly reliable website. It was created by a group of parents who wanted to make a lasting impression in children and parents lives. Their goal of the article was to help provide readers with knowledge and...
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