Should Smoking in Public Places Be Banned

Topics: Cigarette, Tobacco smoking, Cancer Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: August 13, 2012

ATTITUDE: Smoking is dirty, Smoking leaves ashes, matches and butts on the ground, Smoking bothers other people, Smoking is dangerous, People cough and hate the smell, Smoking is bad for your health, Smoking is a bad influence on young people, Careless smokers can cause building and forest fires, Smoking kills and damages the organs.

Purpose: To information

Thesis: Smoking should be banned from public places


1.My audience are very aware of the dangers of smoking as well as smoking in public places. 2.All ages, genders, race, social status, location and regions. 3.My audience is neutral and wants to do more to inform people that smoke about the dangers it can cause in public places.

I.Introduction :
A. whether or not smoking should be banned in public places has been a controversial topic for many years.
B. smoking should be banned because of its dangers to society and the environment II.Not healthy for the environment
A. Smoking in public places affect air, water, and land pollution
1. Approximately 4ooo chemicals are present in cigarettes, which are breathed out and released into the air.
B. chemicals from the cigarette butts are leached into the soil polluting the soil as well as iplants and causes fires during dry season.
C. Maximum of the cigarette butts finally end up in lakes and rivers by mistake fish and other water animals eat these butts resulting in death of the water bodies. III. How is smoking in public places dangerous

A. smoking is dangerous for human health it can cause lung cancer, leukemia, and pneomonia
1. Carcinogens which are ingredients in cigarettes that has the potential to cause lung cancer.
2. A chemical called Benzene a known carcinogen in cigarette smoke is the leading cause of leukemia.
3. Smoking causes fatal diseases to develop in many parts of the body including the respiratory tract causing pneumonia. IV.Smoking is a Bad Influence...
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