Should Smoking Be Illegal

Topics: Human rights, Smoking ban, Smoking Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: May 29, 2011
[Should Smoking Be Illegal]
[Marilyn Holmes]
[South University]
November 4, 2010
[Julie Gepp]

Should Smoking Be Illegal
Introduction/Thesis Statement: People who smoke should have the right to smoke if that is their desire. The Bill of Rights states that as an American we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For some people, smoking makes them happy and calms them down in stressful situations. As an American it should be your choice as to whether or not you smoke. Our forefathers based our constitution on our basic human rights. Increasingly vocal “smokers'-rights” groups, allied with some civil libertarians, have decried the work of governmental “nannies” that “refuse to treat smokers as adults.” Clark, C. S. (1992, December 4). Crackdown on smoking. CQ Researcher, 2, 1049-1072. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from CQ Researcher Online, Jefferson City, Missouri just recently passed its own smoking ban, which is city wide. This means that any citizen that might want to smoke will have to hide somewhere to do it. Apparently the smokers, were absent during this election.

Making smoking illegal will only have even more far reaching consequences. Small businesses, particularly restaurants, hotels and transit providers, have warned us that smoking bans will cost them the clientele that sustains their livelihoods. Due to current city ordinances in Columbia, Missouri that have banned smoking, there have been at least fifteen local businesses that have gone out of business. News Tribune (2010), Smoking Ban Passes Anti- smoking groups have also been accused of feathering their own nests, spending more on salaries and fund raising than on research. It has been accused of being an industry that provides “employment for an army of smoker-bashers, and for many, the opportunity to amass personal fortunes,” writes Fred Phillis, a Trumbull, Conn., public relations...
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