Should Smoking Be Forbidden in All Public Places?

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 17, 2008
In nowadays there are a lot of smokers globally that are smoking in public places. It has been many years now since public health organizations announced that that cigarette smoking is a direct cause of cancer. There are many health organizations which force the governments to prohibit smoking in all public places. I agree that smoking that smoking should be banned in all public places because it causes many problems. First of all it pollutes the environment, secondly it harms not only the smokers but also the rest of the people who breathe the polluted air and thirdly if smoking is forbidden it will help smokers to quit smoking. The first advantage of prohibiting smoking in all public places is that the environment from finished cigarettes and empty packets will be eliminated. In all public places such as streets squares and many times inside buildings cigarettes butts can be found everywhere. I believe that this image is very disgusting and that my fellow citizens have a very bad habit to throw their cigarettes and the packets on the floor wherever they are except their house. Another point is that in public places there are smokers and non smokers too that unfortunately have to breathe the smoke from smokers. This is a very serious problem which can be solved if the governments ban the smoking in all public places cigarettes are pollutant and put in danger the health of non smokers in public places. Unfortunately smokers like to include their habit in public like at home. I believe that now is the time government to realize that smoking in public places is very harmful especially for the no smokers. Moreover I believe that if smoking banned in all public places the amount of smokers that will quit smoking is going to increase. Smokers the most of the day are in public places such as work, shops, cafeteria’s or college campuses so if they cannot smoke it will be easier for them to quit smoking. I think forbidden smoking in public places it will be a good way...
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