Should Sex Education Be Increased in Schools?

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Should Sex Education be increased in school

Why should sex education be increased in schools? In one period of time, we confronted that in any place students did not have to know about sex. However, nowadays we have a different concept about it, because if nobody teaches them, they try to find another way to learn about it. There are some problems that we can prevent if students have a sexual orientation in their schools, since in their families do not want to talk about it. Some people think that it is a good idea to teach it, but another think the contrary. One of the problems that we can prevent if sex education increased in school is the teenagers' pregnancy. Approximately 45 percent of the teenage girls' community is pregnant, because they have not been informed about sex or can be because they had wrong information of preservatives. Girls in that case, have to postponement their education and have to be mother in early age. Nevertheless, people take this problem like something natural because they are ignorant people or they justify the teenagers' pregnancy such as "they are in love". And we know that it is wrong to take it like this; girls' body in that age it is not prepared to have a baby. They need more time to grow and be mothers. Second point to prevent is STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases). If teachers teach STD in sex education, we can have a more healthy society. Some people die of this illness, because they were not protection in their casual sex relationships with different kind of people. Other dies because they never know if they have some of STD. However, the religion has an influence in a society and people do not want to intervene. Also, they do not want to go to the doctor to treat it to feel embarrassment. As I said before, STD has to teach because many people die since they did not know what symptoms give it or how to treat it. Finally, the last problem that we can prevent if sex education increased in schools is the abortion. There are...
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