Should Sex Education Be Allowed in Secondary Schools?

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Should Sex Education Be Allowed in Secondary Schools?
Sex education should be offered in all secondary schools because the leading issue in today’s society is teen pregnancy. Sex education is a great way to help teens understand why being protected during intercourse is important. Sex education teaches about diseases that may affect your teen if she or he is not protected during sexual intercourse. Teens should be more educated on the topic of sex when they are in high school because 117 out of 1000 teen girls statically become pregnant (“fields on sex education”). Sex education is a great way of teaching teenagers how to stay safe. It also teaches students about abstinence which is great for them to learn about. The picture below is a summary of what my paper is going to be talking about. This was the front cover of a time magazine and was published in 1986 on November 24. This picture supports my whole paper because it’s about sex education and asking why and when it should be taught (time magazine)

Teen pregnancy
Teens in today’s society should be more educated on the topic of sex because the risks involved with having intercourse are pregnancy and STD. Sex education helps teens understand why being protected during intercourse is important. “Rates of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among teen-agers in the United States are the highest in the industrialized world” (Rebecca Vesely). A story about a girl named Canady is about how she has taken sex education twice, once at age 14 in Las Vegas and during her senior year in Tennessee. Canady tells her story about how she got pregnant at age 14 while she was living in Las Vegas: “she believes the Tennessee curriculum was more superior to Las Vegas” Canady Believed Tennessee had a more effective program than Las Vegas did (Joan, Whitely). Canady’s lack of information at the age of 14 about sex was a part of the reason she didn’t take precautions towards such as birth control. Pregnancy is and sexually transmitted diseases are less likely to occur when a student takes a sex education course that has been taught correctly. Canady learned a lot her senior year of high school while taking sex education, she learned how to protect herself from getting pregnant again and from contracting an STD. Sexual transmitted diseases statics

One thing sex education teaches is about staying protected during sexual intercourse because of the increasing STD rates in today’s society with teens. A very popular STD that travels through teens is Chlamydia:” from 2005 to 2006 reported cases of Chlamydia climbed from 976,445 to 1,030,911”. “19 million new STD infections occur every year and even more alarming, are that nearly 50 percent of these new cases happen to young people between the ages of 15 and 24” (“Teen STD Statistics”). Sex education helps teens understand that these statistics are real and can happen protection is not used correctly. The graph below supports the information provided above about the STD cases in the United States with teens: (Avert, Aids charity)

Birth control
Birth control is taught in sex education as well in order to help teens understand the different contraception’s out there in the United States. There are 3.6 million unplanned pregnancies every year. Half occur because couples don’t use birth control, the other half occur because the couples use of birth control, but not correctly (Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD, William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR). There are many types of birth control a teen can choose from if they do not like the first one tried. Sex education teaches about the different methods of birth controls. Birth control methods that are popular with teens in today’s society are birth control pills, they are 92-99.7 percent effective this is taken every day for three weeks until the teen get their period, then they stop for a week. The Contraceptive patch is 92-97.7 percent effective as well the user applies one patch per week,...
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