Should Scotland Become Independant

Topics: United Kingdom, Scotland, British Empire Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: February 29, 2012
A subject I have recently analysed is the possible independence of Scotland where I found very strong and opposing opinions about this recent topic. Scottish independence is a relevant and important matter that has been debated for many years but is now at the pinnacle of debate. Both public and politicians have very strong and opposing opinions about independence and throughout this essay I will evaluate the most current and most emotive arguments: those of wealth and cultural identity.

Scotland’s finances will always have a massive impact on the decision of independence, and those in the country for the change believe so due to the significant financial increase this could have. A journalist for The Guardian stated that: “In 2004-05, North Sea oil revenues amounted to £5.2bn, which would roughly halve the Scottish deficit. This year, the treasury expects it will be double that, at £10.4bn, as oil prices and taxes on the North Sea have risen sharply. That looks almost enough to plug the deficit”. This highlights that it could be possible for Scotland to survive financially without handouts from the Westminster government and would sequentially, improve the country in many different aspects. If Scotland is given full control over its oil revenues the country could pay off its debts. It is interesting to note that Scotland has 70% of Europe’s energy reserves in the form of North Sea oil. The Guardian journalist also stated that: “Scotland may actually enjoy more robust economic growth than at present, were it not for the policies of the UK government which are usually based London and the South-East of England”. This overtly shows that Scotland would be able to survive financially because of the revenue from oil bound up with English revenue. A more financially secure country is an obviously attractive aspect of independence.

There are opposing opinions that think Scotland would not be able to financially survive if it split from the British government....
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