Should Schools Start Later in the Morning

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  • Published : July 28, 2012
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Should schools start later in the morning

Should schools start later in the morning? Or is the starting time of schools appropriate? These are the type questions that are being discussed pretty often among education analysts and researchers, and they come up with different views, many say yes while others disagree. Yet majority of the research analysis produce positive results in this regard. Nowadays, when the life has become so mechanical, it is very hard for the kids, especially teenagers to get up so early in the morning, as they have to rise way before their school starting time sufficient enough to get ready, have the breakfast and of course cover those kilometers to the school campus. In fact nobody can do well when he/she is sleep deprived, but in children sleep deprivation leads to tumidity (obesity) and learning issues such as hyperactivity disorder. The reason for the difficulty in getting up early is sleep deprivation, as today’s routine life does not let people get to bed so early that they can catch up with the sleeping hours. This results in low performance in the class and inattentive attitude, contributing to declining grades, hindering desired achievements of the students. As a consequence, students become either psychologically disturbed or carefree, their morale drops and they lose confidence. Besides, another positive aspect of pushing the school hours forward is that, it would be more feasible for working parents, as they would be able to provide quality time and attention to their off springs, because mostly people have ample time in evening. Starting the school later, can be significant for the students. It can give students more time to sleep, they will be fresh and alert for their academic tasks at school, which will contribute to improved grades. This can generate more enthusiasm and give more motivation and confidence to the student.
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