Should Schools Have Dress Codes?

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  • Published : March 13, 2012
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A growing problem in high schools around the world today is the issue with dress codes. With the changing culture, the youth’s views on what is right commonly clash with those who hold traditional views. It would be beneficial if schools had dress codes but students should still have the privilege to express themselves. However, they should know that they should be respectful about what they choose to wear. Expression is a very important aspect in a teenager’s life. The way you dress and the way you present yourself matters a lot to people of our age, and taking away that privilege is devastating. High school is a place where we get to express ourselves and show who we are. But, some students are doing it in disrespectful ways. For example, the indecent fashion style of the saggy pants is seen throughout high schools everywhere. Students who are dressing this way are freely expressing themselves but are doing it in a way that is distracting. Expression is a thing that we teenagers need, but if we use it in a way that causes a law to be mad then we need to reconsider the way we chose to express ourselves. Respect is a word that all teenagers need to understand, and an action they need to show. We deserve to dress however we want to but if we are dressing in a way that is disrespectful then we should know we are going to be told to “pull up our pants”. A privilege and a right are two different things. We do have a right to wear what we want but in school, it is a privilege. And taking privileges for granted can get us into trouble. Hence, the law made for the saggy pants trend. If schools had dress codes it would create mass anger. Students will get mad that they can’t have a right to express themselves, and people would pull out the “un-constitutional” argument. It’s best that only certain schools have dress codes, like catholic ones, which are traditional. There should only be codes or laws made if student’s self expression is out-of-hand or disrespectful. The...
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