Should School Uniforms Be Abolished

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Should School Uniforms Be Abolished

By | October 2011
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When to use a questionnaire?

There is no all encompassing rule for when to use a questionnaire. The choice will be made based on a variety of factors including the type of information to be gathered and the available resources for the experiment. A questionnaire should be considered in the following circumstances.

a. When resources and money are limited. 

A Questionnaire can be quite inexpensive to administer. Although preparation may be costly, any data collection scheme will have similar preparation expenses. The administration cost per person of a questionnaire can be as low as postage and a few photocopies. Time is also an important resource that questionnaires can maximize. If a questionnaire is self-administering, such as an e-mail questionnaire, potentially several thousand people could respond in a few days. It would be impossible to get a similar number of usability tests completed in the same short time.

b. When it is necessary to protect the privacy of the participants. 

Questionnaires are easy to administer confidentially. Often confidentiality is necessary to ensure participants will respond honestly if at all. Examples of such cases would include studies that need to ask embarrassing questions about private or personal behaviour.

c. When corroborating other findings. 

In studies that have resources to pursue other data collection strategies, questionnaires can be a useful confirmation tools. More costly schemes may turn up interesting trends, but occasionally there will not be resources to run these other tests on large enough participant groups to make the results statistically significant. A follow-up large scale questionnaire may be necessary to corroborate these earlier results.

What kind of questions do we ask?

In general, there are two types of questions one will ask, open format or closed format. Open format questions are those that ask for...

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