Should School Children Be Allowed to Bring Mobile Phone to School?

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Mobile phones are rapidly advancing. Now a day’s mobile phones can do lot more then just making phone calls. It can be used to capture pictures, record videos, surf the Internet, play games, and much more. Mobile phones have become a mini computer and it is widely used by all age groups. In that context, should school children be allowed to bring mobile phone to school?

Usually school students are not allowed to leave the vicinity of school without their parents. Meanwhile if they have any problems the school administration will contact their parent and inform them of the situation. So, mobile phone is unnecessary for children’s.

Mobile phone could also cause distraction while learning. For instance reading SMS or playing games in class while teacher is teaching may distract the attention. They may loose concentration in studies. It is also easier for students to cheat in their tests by using mobile phones. They can communicate to their friends through SMS and there is a possibility of the entire textbook to be stored in a smart phone.

Using mobile phones at school might create discrimination among students. At some point this discrimination may tempt students to be involve in crimes such as theft or mugging the mobile phones.

Students are not matured individuals. Some students might misuse the mobile phones. For instance they might record gang fights or an act of booling using their mobile phone. They might use these recording to blackmail those involved. They could also post the video clip on the Internet and tarnish the good name of a school with just one isolated incident.

In a nutshell / In conclusion due to the in maturity of students mobile phone should not be allowed in schools.
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