Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalized in Hong Kong?

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Should same-sex marriage be legalized in Hong Kong?

In recent years, more homosexual people have come out to disclose their sexual orientation. Gays and lesbians may even feel pride and have higher self-esteem instead of having shame. People in Hong Kong generally are more open-minded now. There is no legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Hong Kong. In many countries or regions, the legalization of same-sex marriage is already implemented. Therefore, some may say that same-sex marriage should be accepted and allowed as it is the universal human rights of homosexual people. However, this paper argues that although human rights should be protected, homosexual people are actually a minority group in Hong Kong. Generally, Hong Kong people do not accept homosexual marriage. Also, same-sex marriage leads to the problem of precreational autonomy among homosexuals. Moreover, homosexual parenthood will generate some negative influences to our next generation such as the confusion of gender.

  In fact, although people in Hong Kong are open-minded, the majority of our society does not accept or encourage same-sex marriage, so the conflicts between opponents and homosexual people will become increasingly stronger. Lots of religions such as Christianity, Muslims and Buddhism discourage or even prohibite homosexuality. According to the research of public views on homosexuality in Wen Wei Pao (2006, cited in Leung, 2006, p.3), most of the people do not hope that their family members are homosexual. Another research from Christian Times also showed that most people actually object to same-sex marriage (Tsui, 2006). These researches showed that the general public, no matter atheists or theists, still do not accept homosexual marriage. Some may argue that same-sex couples should be allowed as everyone has individual sexual rights. However, when homosexual people strive for their rights, they ask for people’s respect, but at the same time ignoring other organizations’...
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