Should Recreational Drugs Be Legalized in the United States?

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  • Published : September 1, 2010
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Should recreational drugs be legalized in the United States? I think that marijuana should be legalized because in my opinion, it is a natural stress reliever. To me, there are honestly no drawbacks of having this substance legalized. It is grown naturally and really does not cause any long-term problems that a cigarette cannot cause. Since cigarettes are legal, to me it only makes sense. I also believe that having this particular substance legalized would clear up courtrooms and jailhouses. Many people are getting into trouble and stressing out our legal system over something that I personally think is a waste of time for them. Research shows inability to link marijuana to violent crimes, and after all, prisons are meant for violent offenders. On the other hand, I do not think that drugs such cocaine, acid, ecstasy, and “hard” drugs should be legalized because those drugs have serious health problems linked to them and even death. Although all of these drugs can impair vision and motor skills, I think it should be left up to the person taking them if they actually want to. I have different views than most people on my team and I think it is because I have seen firsthand how society around where I live works with these issues. I can say for myself that I have tried several drugs before and the only one that did not have serious health threats to me was marijuana because it is a natural substance. However, there should be some rules if it were to get legalized. Rules that I would use are no distributing to the general population and not operating heavy machinery (cars, etc.). Right now, if you are caught with more than ounce (in my area) you will get large fines and face some prison time. However, anything under an ounce is already legalized. The police union of Massachusetts backed this decriminalization. The anti drug task force could use the tax payers money for better use investigating more violent drug related offender such as those involved with the...
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