Should Random Drug Testing in Public Schools Be Allowed?

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  • Published : May 5, 2006
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Should random drug testing in public schools be allowed?

The main purpose of random school drug testing is not to catch kids using drugs, it to keep them from ever using them. Once their using drugs its harder for them to break their addiction. With many employers drug testing its very important for a kid's future not to use drugs. Drug use is responsible for many crimes. Its worth the inconvenience for all our future. Peer pressure is the greatest cause of kids trying drugs. If by testing the athletes or other school leaders, we can get them to say no to drugs, it will be easier for other kids to say no.

Amendment 4 guarantees the right to privacy and some say that is being violated by random drug searches. Some also argue that students who aren't doing anything wrong have nothing to fear. This ignores the fact that what they fear is not getting caught, but the loss of dignity and trust that the drug test represents, so while they think they may be helping by trying keeping students from using drugs, but they actually may be hurting there self esteem.

My Opinion
Our legal system is based on the principle, innocent until proven guilty, but doesn't random imply that there is no reason to suspect anything? I think it's wrong because sometimes there is even a just reason and the word random indicates. Amendment 4 is supposed to protect use from unreasonable searches, unless there is probably cause but again doesn't random imply that there is no reason to suspect any thing.

My Opinion
I also think part of the reason they test teenagers so much is prejudice against our age group because the stereotype for our age group listening to loud music and doing drugs. Amendment 14 protects us against discrimination or prejudice based on sex, race, or age, and while some schools make drug test voluntary students that don't take the tests aren't allowed to participate in extra curricular activities that could further expand there education....
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