Should Public Schools Require Uniforms

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  • Published : January 26, 2011
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There are several reasons public schools should require uniforms. “School uniforms are one of several strategies being used by this nation’s public schools to restore order in the classroom and safety in the schools” (Stanley, 2). “In addition to encouraging students to concentrate on learning, rather than on what to wear, uniforms can be social equalizers that promote peer acceptances, as well as school spirit and school pride” (Stanley, 2). School uniforms make it easier for students not to worry about what the latest fashion style is and if what they are wearing is going to make them stand out. This will also stop gangs from flashing their colors and standing out within the school grounds. Even though the gang members know who belongs to what gang and might not minimize the fights that occur on the school grounds; they are still somewhat controlled by what they wear. This helps the school by not having daily battles regarding what is appropriate or not for school. Uniforms can reduce the incidents of bullying and theft. If everyone is wearing the same clothes how can you pick on them? Why steal shoes or clothing from their lockers if everyone has the same shoes or clothing? The main concerns are coming from the low income families who feel that uniforms might break the bank. There are programs to help low income families purchase uniforms; uniform recycling centers and some school districts have education funds to help uniform purchases. If parents were to look at it from a different view this will also help them from spending money on everyday clothing. President Bill Clinton implemented school uniforms in all United States public schools in the 1990’s to help ease social tension. It may have helped somewhat with bullying and stealing but there will always be violence in and out of schools. The reason for this is because of all the social issues going with students. It is all based on what kind of home life the students have, if their...
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