Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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  • Published : February 9, 2009
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Argument Paper
“[Out of all the] prostitution arrests in the United States, 70% are female prostitutes, 20% are male and 10% are costumers,” says Melissa Farely who works for Prostitution Research. Prostitution is a pressing matter in the United States today, and can no longer be ignored. Recent activists for prostitution are strongly advocating that the United States will legalize prostitution, which is not an issue that should be changed in our legal systems. Any solicitation of women for money is damaging to the body, how society views women, and marital status. So in no way we should endanger more women by legalizing uneducated and misconceived acts to such prostitutes. Legalizing prostitution has been a pressing matter by many abolitionists. Abolitionists see illegal prostitution as a punishment against women, so generally they wish that punishment would go to all of the clients and pimps, rather than the prostitutes themselves. Reformers want prostitution to be decriminalized as a whole, punishing all involved: prostitutes, clients, pimps, and all affiliated with prostitution. (Anthony) The main question that comes up between the abolitionists and reformers is when do the women get rights? It’s a very controversial subject because it is so situational, whether the woman is being physically abused, or if she is on the run out of her contract, it’s hard to say when the woman is right or wrong when it comes to her body. Standing on the reformers side, it is easy to see that we can eliminate these problems and situational questions altogether if we can just eliminate prostitution as a whole. Women are not protected. Too often there is physical violence from pimps and customers, unsafe sex practices, and mentally damaging environments. There were 146 prostitutes that were interviewed from five different regions and the findings are as followed, “Eighty percent of the women interviews has suffered physical violence from pimps and buyers and endured similar effects from the violence and sexual exploitation.” (Raymond) Another aspect is the exceedingly high risks of disease, in many brothels, women reported that men would pay more money if they could have sex without a condom, and in more cases then not, women would be beaten if they would insist on using a condom. Unsafe sex practices put these women at a elevated risk for disease, and in some cases the women can either choose, disease or their life taken from them. Beatings and disease are such huge fears that prostitutes have to face, so why are some court systems trying to legalize these dangers that walk hand in hand with prostitution? Women will be turned into commodities. By removing legal barriers on prostitution, soliciting women will be viewed as “okay” in society. Men who would have never taken the risk of purchasing women for sexual acts, will now see soliciting a women as acceptable. Along with legal barriers, if they are going to be removed by legalizing prostitution, what would stop the ethical barriers to be removed? Women would be treated as merchandise, as an item to be bought, a toy, and making that statement to society would cause all ethics to spiral down. Society will be sending a message that prostitution is harmless fun and that there aren’t many penalties if it’s a legal practice, so legalizing the matter is not the way to go. Prostitutes are women, not a commodity to men’s sick control and pleasures. Women are no longer suitable for marriage. Marriage rates will clearly go down with the legalizing of prostitution. A recent argument is marriage is all about a husband providing money and a wife giving back sexual acts as payment. However, prostitution, by contrast, rips away the veneer and makes explicitly commercial what might otherwise be viewed as mutually desired. The prostitute takes money and provides a sexual service for that money. There is no love…, and there is no promise in continuing that exchange.” (Colb) If legalizing prostitution...
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