Should Plastic Be Banned

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Should plastic bags be banned from grocery stores?
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* My New Year's Resolution is to say no to plastic bags!
Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores. I often go to the store and buy 1 or 2 items and I am given so many bags. I feel that we have become an extremely wasteful society. If we could just say no to plastic bags we would be slowing down the waste in landfills. It takes a little more effort to remember to carry reusable bags in the car but it is worth saving our environment. I am proud to say that my young daughters have said no to the plastic bag when they have bought something from the store that they can easily carry in their hand. My efforts this year is to use reusable bags, no plastic water bottles and continue composting. Posted By: Anonymous

* What is more important?
Everybody knows that if the environment is so dirty; kills lot of people. If the environment is bad, our people will die. To make our lives longer we should of course ladies and gentleman to save our environment. People say we can recycle it, but only 1% are recycled world wide. Plastic bags are very light and handable. However, environment is more important when we think of our world's future!! Posted By: dennychun

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* Yes
Today when we go shopping, we will see a lot of people carrying their shopping bags made of plastic. Plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things we have bought. In contrast, there are many disadvantages of using plastic bags. If you know that plastic bags have negative impacts for our environment, I am sure that reducing the use of plastic bags will be happened soon. As we know, using plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things. In contrast, using bags is increasing the severity of Global Warming that we are confronting at the moment. The plastic bags production uses almost ten percent of the world's annual oil supply. Only few percent of this number is recycled. This means that much of the planet's precious natural resources are being used to produce plastic bags. The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilized in a far more effective manner. These two facts show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources. In addition, we can use and hold plastic bags everywhere we need like supermarkets, stores or homes but plastic bags can damage environment. Throwing plastic bags could make the soil unfertile which is described as soil pollution. We need fertile soil to help plants grow and provide enough food for all of us. Animals also need soil because it makes plants grow and animals will eat those plants. This is a part of natural food chain. What’s more bad point of using plastic bags is to kill. Plastic bags can kill and have killed many animals. The tragedy is that once the animals eat the plastic bags, they can get caught up and wrapped round the gut or in the throat. This cause suffocation and starvation. To sum up, we have known that after all plastic bags are used, they will be bad wastes of the world. So, we can do little work to avoid plastic as much as possible. In order to, stop global warming, keep nutritious food sources and avoid being criminals, we should use fabric bags instead of the plastic ones. Posted By: anonymus

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* Dangers Environment
Plastic bags are bad health wise also. People don't know this but bacteria is found in those bags. 97% of people dont even wash bags. It's the same concept as washing your hands. The more you wash the less bacteria you'll have. Your groceries such as raw meat can cause Ecoli. Which is bad for your health and can cause death. It pollutes the water. Resent,research had found plastic bags inside animals stomach. Plastic bags are nonbiodegradeable.It can't decompose by bacteria. Posted By: Anonymous

* plastic is very disatrous
plastic has very aderse...
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