Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

Topics: Suicide, Death, Physician Pages: 5 (1672 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalized?

Imagine how you would like to spend the end of your days. Do you imagine relaxing on a warm sandy beach? How about sitting at home reading your favorite novel. Spending your last days on this earth should be a peaceful, pain-free experience. Unfortunately, not all of us will have this option. People who are diagnosed with terminal diseases are not just sitting at home waiting to die. They are suffering. Without a say on when or how they would like to go, these poor souls are wasting away, ignored and forgotten. Everyday is like a nightmare without even the smallest hope of ever waking up. These terminally ill patients would love to be able to relax on a beach, and not have to worry about the pain. Sadly, this is not an option for them. They don't even have the option to end the pain they are constantly going through. Isn’t it amazing that in America, The land of the free, citizens don't have the right to end their own suffering? How can we justify putting our sick and disabled through such misery. Our patients should definitely have the right to choose. Physician assisted suicide should be legalized. People have a right to how they want to live their own life. We grow up learning how to be responsible and how to make our own decisions. It is completely wrong for others to claim that they can make decisions for us better than we can make ourselves. It's not fair for someone you've never met to tell you how to live your life. How would you feel if there was someone out there controlling every move you made? Can a state official really understand from the patients point of view, and decide what's best for them? Only someone who is actually going through and experiencing this situation for themselves can truly understand how it feels. Not everyone may want to choose an early end. Others might be able to cope with the pain. The important thing is that it should be up to the patient, not someone sitting in an office, to decide. Government officials and politicians should not be involved in personal matters such as this. You've lived your whole life making your own decisions; you should be able to decide when to stop suffering.

Family members don't want to see each other suffer. Nancy Niedzielski had to watch her husband die a long death in the year 2006. She said his happy demeanor changed to an angry and irritable one. “They don't have a right to tell me how ling I have to suffer” said Niedzielski's husband, Randy Niedzielski, before he died. While being interviewed, Nancy stated that her husband's death was nothing like what he wanted. It was the definition of undignified. “I had to pick him up and change his diapers just like you would change a baby.” Nancy explains. “He didn't want that. That isn't dignified.” Today, Nancy along with many others who have lost their loved ones in this monstrous way are fighting for a change in the law. Petitions are being signed, and state officials are starting to recognize the great injustice of denying citizens their rights: the right to die with dignity, and without needless suffering. They are all choosing to fight for those who do not have their own freedom of choice. People against allowing citizens of the United States to decide whether or not to end their suffering argue that the patients are actually being pressured by the physicians to end their lives. Most feel that patients suffering from illnesses should not have to worry about making painful decisions. Richard M. Doerflinger, associate director for policy development in the pro-life office of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, says that he fears “a right to die will soon become a duty to die.” He claims that doctors will try to get patients to take a lethal dose, just to take care of a problem in today's expensive healthcare system. However, the physicians themselves have no say in the matter at all. Physicians do not suggest or encourage the ill to do anything....
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