Should Phone Be Banned in Classroom?

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Laptop Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Should Phone be Banned in Classroom?
A survey among colleges point out 80% of the students have texted in class(Jeff Dunn, 2011, How Do College Students Actually Use Cell Phones? )What a crazy number! Let us image we switch our position with professors. How can you endure it? Just few students pay attention to you and most of them look downward to cell phone. Almost no eye contact and no interaction you will just act puppet on the stage. Only after reflect on this situation, you will definitely agree the opinion that using cell phone is one of the most influential factors lead the class inefficiency. Obviously, use of cell phones in college classrooms should be banned. It is unnecessary, it transfers your attention from class content, and it damage to the health of the students.

The main reason for my propensity for ban the usage of cell phone in class is that use of cell phones is unnecessary. Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we find that some hold the idea of smart phone are functional which can not only receive information, but also support class. From my point of view , it is more advisable to ban the usage of cell phone during class. By the way I am not doubt about Involving technologies such as cell phones that are held with high value to students can be a tool. According to the observation, most of the students use smart phone during classing are surfing on line or play games. Since smart phone is convenient to use and it is covert for using it which will not let teacher notice. However, it is unnecessary to use cell phone during the class, because we can use our laptop instead if you want to get more information related to the class. Maybe you will questioned, as you claim the students use laptop can call the same things. Actually, most of students regularly use their laptop during class because it is easy for teacher to notice if you it to do other things not related to class. Any innovation can...
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