Should People Be Allowed to Use Mobile Phone While Driving?

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Bluetooth Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Should People be allowed to Use Mobile Phone while Driving?
These days, mobile phone has become almost a basic necessity. We need a mobile phone everywhere for a faster and swifter communication with rest of the world. Unfortunately sometimes, because of the misuse of mobile phone especially while driving, even the lives of people are at risk. Using cell phones while driving distracts drivers from the road, and drivers need to use all their senses, including hearing, to drive. Since we can't use our sense of hearing for the purpose of driving when we are on our cell phones, many accidents can be caused. Although mobile phone makes our communication easy and fast, it should not be used while driving on the road. In my opinion, talking on a cell phone while driving is an extremely dangerous practice. The idea of allowing the use of mobile phones while driving is relevant because the use of cellular phones has become a necessary part of our modern life. On the contrary, driving requires full attention on road.”Studies show that driving while talking on a cell phone is extremely dangerous and puts drivers at a four times greater risk of a crash" said president and CEO The National Safety Council Janet Froetscher. It causes miscommunication between driver and traffic control. Using mobile phone while driving can cause loss of concentration and as a result a single mistake while driving can lead to injury or death. However, most of all texting and driving should be banned because it can hurt themselves and other too. As technology has become more advanced, more distractions are available for drivers and became more dangerous. Now it's not just a simple conversation or a text message that can distract drivers: it's YouTube, Face book and the New York Times, all competing with the road for the driver’s attention. It can also be said that, while the usage of mobile phone during driving is considered as dangerous, conversing with passengers during driving can be called...
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