Should Parents Lose Custody of Their Morbidly Obese Children?

Topics: Obesity, Cancer, Hypertension Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Should parents lose custody of their morbidly obese children?

One of three American children is morbidly obese. Morbid obesity is when weight gain is getting out of control effecting children physical and emotional is damaged. Obesity can cause numerous health problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleep apnea. Over the last years Americans obese continues to rise and neither parents nor society is doing anything about it. Government or society needs to do something about it if parents fail to do so. Parents definitely need to lose their morbidly obese children.

To begin, parents need to lose custody because children develop early adult health problems. According to this article, a three year old girl showed up at an obesity clinic weighing ninety pounds. By age twelve she reached four-hundred pounds and developed diabetes, cholesterol, sleep apnea.(Time healthland page 1) Her parents were said to be on disability and had trouble controlling her weigh, so the state took her to foster. If the parents cannot control their child’s weight the state can get permission to get sanction on morbidly obese children. Health concerns like diabetes and cholesterol in children are conditions that obviously need to be fixed.

Next, foster care seems to help children’s weight rapidly. Shown in the another paper, the little girl weighing 400 pounds was sent to foster, given three balanced meals, a snack, and moderate physical exercise. (Time healthland page 2) Foster care helped this overweight girl lose more weight than she was with her parents. This means that her parents were noncommittal to their own child’s consumption. Care from foster is a way to control children’s weight and life.

In addition, severely obese young are in greater risk of getting disease, cancer, and massive heart problems. Giving in this health paper, Children who are severely overweight suffer from common diseases like type two diabetes and renal and liver disease. Certain cancers...
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