Should Parents Impose a Dress Code

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Should Parents Impose a Dress Code?

How should parents go about what rules to set for their children? In the article “Should Parents Impose a Dress Code” by Nancy Darling, She writes about what parents should make decision about and what parents should just leave alone. The one factor is their belief on the legitimacy of parental authority. Parental Authority refers to parent’s attempts to regulate or influence their children’s adolescent behavior. Nancy Darlings worked on her own research group and with Judith Smentana and her colleagues, which they found that people classify issues in different domains. The four domains are moral, personal, prudential and conventional. The Moral domain covers issues that are seen as fundamentally right or wrong. They are also based on universal qualities, which are religiously based. An example for moral domain would be not hitting others or not stealing. The next domain is personal which includes issues that only affect the individual. An example would be whether you wear a red or blue shirt or your choice of friends. Another domain is Prudential which are issues related to safety. An example would be issues of drinking or playing with matches. The last domain is conventional which are issues of social conventions. An example would be calling your Mom and Dad by their first name. Parents and Children have a mutual agreement to set rules about prudential, moral and convention issues but not with personal issues. Parents who set personal rules for their children are said to be overstepping their authority, they also say that these types of parents usually have depressed children. Many issues between parents and children are multi-facteted, which means there is many sides to one issue and can be turned many ways. One example used in the article is when a parent tells their child to ‘clean their room’ which is conventional and the child response is ‘what do you care what my room looks like’ which is personal. They are both...
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