Should Orcas Be Kept in Captivity

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  • Published : August 18, 2011
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Should Orcas be Kept in Captivity?
In my opinion I think orcas should not be kept in captivity because they are dangerous. They will not be kept in their natural habitat. And they get stressed from being enclosed.
It is to dangerous for orcas to be kept in captivity. They are to hard to understand nobody knows what can happen. What if they go wild or something. What if they can’t control themselves. I mean they are used to doing every thing on their own. What if they get taught. What can happen.

Also because they will not be kept in their natural habitat that can cause many things. Like since they know what to do alone then if we were to just like do every thing for them then they will forget to do it alone. All scientist may want is to study the orcas after that they my just let them go. That is not right because learning about something can take years. And in that time the people will do everything for them. Then when it’s time to let them go they won’t know what to do anymore because humans did everything for it.

Also because they can get stressed out when being enclosed. Nobody knows what they can do people think look that orca is so cute but dangerous. What if it gets stressed and goes on rage. What will happen now. It can do anything now that it’s crazy. What if it gets to stressed and starts hitting everything and break the window were you can see them under water. They should not be kept in captivity.

Orcas should once again not be kept in captivity because they are dangerous. They won’t be in their natural habitat and forget everything. And they are stressed being enclosed.
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