Should Olympics Have a Permanent House

Topics: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Should the Olympics have a permanent home?
Today the modern Olympics consist of summer and winter games although the ancient Olympic games were only a series of competitions restricted to a few games and a few people. The Olympics symbolize with five intertwined circles representing all five continents of the earth, giving the meaning that the games are opened to the whole world. Olympics is a major international event which gives the thousands of athletes the opportunity to participate in variety of competitions and it occur in every four years within a selected country. Although originally the ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece. The common topic of the day is whether Olympics should have a home of its own in free and unbiased country. The importance of Olympics is to participate not to win. Although it is seen as a sporting event in the modern society it has a deeper meaning. It is a portal to unite all nations. Having a permanent home for Olympics could rise to controversial issues, but it too answer some current problems related in selecting a host country every four years. A permanent home for Olympics would plague the authentic spirit of Olympics. Olympics can be considered as a global not only because of the participation but also because of it is kept in different countries. It makes Olympics more attractive and meaningful with different traditions, emphasis its hidden meaning. Having a permanent country would create less interest among the audience as it deprives the entertaining features such as traditional variations and, unique and novel opening ceremonies at each Olympics. A saying goes as " variety is the spice of life" eventually changing avenues every fourth year ascertain this saying, And moreover in an Olympic village there is a multifarious ethnicity of people from many countries as participants and as spectators, this brings in profitable transactions, trade agreements and selling merchandise helping to inflow foreign...
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