Should Marijuana Be Legal in Canada? | Should Marijuana Be Legal in Canada?

Topics: Law, Legalization, Victimless crime Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Should Marijuana Be Legal in Canada? Essay

Over the years, many people say marijuana shouldn't be legalized, which is wrong. The Canadian government needs to legalize the usage of marijuana. If the Canadian government will legalize marijuana, it's going to bring in a lot of money to our economy. Legalizing marijuana would reduce violence. Tobacco and alcohol are far more harmful than marijuana. Marijuana has always been misjudged as a deadly drug, but what people do not realize is that marijuana is not as bad as cigarettes, and can have its uses medical wise.

Medical usage is a huge factor considered when consulting marijuana. Legalization of marijuana will give doctors the passage to look into marijuana and discover the outcome if a person is smoking it. Doctors can explain the good and the bad affections that circulate in a human body after marijuana is used. Doctors can also compare which drug usage can help cure sickness for medical conditions. "glaucoma suffers who have used marijuana said it has prevented them for goin blind" (hedman). Having the Candian government legalizing marijuana, the society will realize what its real purpose is used for. The public assumes that this rug is a very bad and illegal thing to get into and when they hear "marijuana", parents always seem to have a negative aspect on marijuana being used. Legalizing marijuana will show the public its actual reasons why it is being legalized and the explanation to parents can be given, so they realize how it is a positive aspect instead of a negative. Marijuana can help more people survive from the struggle and is expectedly meant to be used for responsible adults for cure of this sickness.

A healthy lifestyle can be lived by legalizing marijuana by no violence being occurred in situations. Violence that occurs around marijuana will disappear due to the legalization of marijuana. The legalization of marijuana will prevent people from buying this drug from the black market, and...
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