Should Kids Books be Banned

Topics: Earth's Children, The Mammoth Hunters, Jean M. Auel Pages: 3 (1293 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Banning books blocks young children’s minds from real world information. By limiting their range of reading, their knowledge is lowered to a steady lull of comforting information. When they are pushed into situations relating to these topics, they are at a disadvantage.

The Clan of the Cave Bear is a perfect example of this situation. The Clan of the Cave Bear has very useful information on early human life. The Clan of the Cave Bear is about a young early homosapien named Ayla. Ayla got separated from her home when she was young. The time setting is prehistoric Europe. She is found by a group of traveling Neanderthals. These Neanderthals talk using hand signals and few sounds. The leader of the group in named Brun, he has two siblings, Creb The Mog-er (or spiritual magician), and Iza the medicine women. Brun also has a son named Broud. Alya quickly learns to speak. Creb decides her totem is the cave lion, which is rare for a woman. As time goes by Alya teaches her self how to hunt, which is forbidden by the Clan women. The clan goes to hunt mammoth and Alya is forced to use her weapon to protect a child of the clan. Because of this Alya is given the death curse for one month. She returns and is welcomed back into the clan. Broud hates Alya and rapes her. The clan does not have any connection with intercourse and birth. Ayla gives birth but her baby is a mix of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Her baby’s name is Durc. The clan goes to a gathering of ten clans of Neanderthals. When they return her mother Iza is sick and dies. There is an earthquake that destroys the clan’s cave, killing Creb. Since Broud is now leader he blames the earthquake on Alya and banishes her. Jean M. Auel is an inspiring author who researches thoroughly.

Jean M. Auel grew up in Chicago. She was the second of five children. She later moved to Oregon with her husband Ray Auel. While working she raised she five children. Also at this time she earned an M.B.A. from the University of...
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