Should Kids Be Bribed

Topics: Standardized test, High school, Motivation Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Clifton Bell
English 91
Ms. Brock
Should kids get paid for learning? My name is Clifton bell I’m a member of the fog city school board and we are voting on if we should incentivize kids for different tasks in school. A Harvard economist named Roland Fryer Jr. ran a randomized experiment to see if incentives will motivate kids to do better in school. The experiment took place in four states Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Washington where he used 6.3 million dollars to pay 18, 00 kids. He brought in a team of researchers to help him analyze the effects incentives have in the class room. When it comes to paying kids to do something that they should do without getting paid, I’m in the middle but we have to keep in mind some of these questions how long will the funding last? Should the program be limited to low income families? Will incentives motivate all students? Incentives can work both ways it can motivate or it can discourage kids depending on what the reward is for. Incentives in schools are a good idea depending what the reward is for.

Rewards can work if you reward for easy tasks. In Dallas they paid second graders to read books. Kids who got paid to read books even though they already know how to read this will motivate them to read more. The more kids read the better their reading comprehension gets. In the article should kids be bribed to do well in school? Amanda Ripley says “paying second graders all year to read books produced the most dramatic gains of all “paragraph (17). Paying kids to read is a good incentive because kid who don’t read as much as other kids makes them to want to read more witch leads to higher test scores on the standardized test and they might find out that they really like to read. Kids get excited when cash is involved you can get them to do anything however they are not worried about the real work that...
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