Should Kashmir Be Independent of India’s Democracy?

Topics: India, Kashmir conflict, Kashmir Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Should Kashmir be independent of India’s democracy?
Democracy, a political system in which people elect the representatives of our government and the Indian subcontinent is recognized as one of the largest democratic systems in the world. Every vote has equal weight and every voice is heard - or so we think. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the many states that is represented by this massive form of government but its people’s anguish are often not headed by the authorities. The only way to satiate the Kashmiri people is secession – Kashmir must withdraw from Indian rule to end the decades of violence and bloodshed that has occurred since the India-Pakistan Partition of 1946. One of the few reasons behind India’s control over Kashmir is Kashmir’s strategic location. Kashmir borders nuclear giants like Pakistan and China and although this should not be reason to hold the Kashmiri people under Indian sovereignty, people are being used as human shields against a nonexistent war. Consequently this adds to India’s growing paranoia and further roots its militant control. If a war broke out between the three powers, India would have no right to continue its tyranny. Instead Kashmiri people need to be given more confidence in their own defense. They should also be given more autonomy so as to restore trust between Kashmir and India; if enough power is given then secession should eventually follow through. India lack of actions towards Kashmiri demands are also due to fears of Balkanization - other Indian states like Tamil Nadu or Bihar will also ask for secession in response to Kashmir’s secession. In comparison to these states, Kashmir’s state has been deplorable. Many misfortunes occur including monthly bomb blasts, rigged elections, army abuse and corruption in the form of unfair fees. The protests have been viewed with such insensitivity and the lassez-faire attitude towards the ongoing dilemma further alienates Kashmir from attaining peace. The Kashmiri people do not...
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